How the Human Population Effects Our Earth

The human population effects our Earth by the fact that we are wasting our natural resources much more faster because more people are coming into this world, all of the diseases are spreading a lot more faster then the medicine that is coming out, our water supply is slowly reducing, we are cutting down so many trees and we don’t even care whats lost in them so there goes our flora and fauna; there are also much less forests, As our Earth’s population grows, making our lives fit to how our current live styles are nowadays-what with all the new technology and the need for using up the resources so quickly to keep the human race going-is a challenge without hurting our Earth’s environment. The humans are basically reproducing so much more and the population is going up in numbers that their aren’t enough resources to sustain the amount of people that there are so that means that we need to slow down because the scientists worry that in the future there WILL be shortages of supplies, barely any food, hardly any more flora and fauna, pollution will be everywhere in large amounts. The Earth that we know now would be almost unrecognizable if we let the human population grow like that. Too much people for one planet. The environments getting worse.

A lot of people die each year from pollution. As each year passes by, many environmental things have been getting worse or staying the same… which means they basically aren’t getting better. Like our publics health is VERY bad. There is the unclean water for some people and for ALL of us poor sanitation, things like public areas where in some parts everybody is touching and nobody is cleaning… Pollution from the air like the smoke coming from cigarettes and the pollution that comes from trucks and cars kills almost 3 million a year. About 2/3 of the U. S. is farming land lost. There aren’t that many farming areas in some places so there a matter of out food supply.

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We eat a lot of food and there are a lot of us so its easy to not realize if you wont have this tomorrow, but you might not. Our population has been growing much more faster then the food has, is what I’m basically trying to say. WATER. Its what we need to survive and without it we couldn’t survive. I’m not saying we’ll run out but scientists say that by about 2025 with the population growing so rapidly there may be a shortage in that area too. We are also building a lot for things near our oceans so that makes it difficult for the oceans with all of the pollution affecting it to. when people send oil and other things and vice versa sometime spills appen like the oil spill that happened a couple of months ago that ruined us ( the ocean mainly) but fishes were getting diseases and we were eating those fishes and those diseases got passed to us also half of the fish dies and it also contaminated a perfectly good source oF water. The forests are a very important issue too. People really need the things that come from those forests. More specifically the things they make out of the trees they cut down from there. Nearly half of the Earth’s ORIGINAL forest has been cut down and statistically speaking each year 16 million hectares are cut, burned, or bulldozed down. (which also produce pollution in to the air). Since most places are limited to these trees there is a limit to how may trees you can do in every forest which is 25%, but with the growth in population they have to cut down because more people are demanding more.

The difference in plant and animal species differ in many way. A lot of them are major factors to this we need this difference for the right balance and when we ruin the earths Eco system you throw it off balance. Half of the animals we know about are extinct or are on the brink of it. We need this difference in the flora and fauna for our medicine research and to grow plants but with a lot of them gone… There is a change in the climate all around the world due to greenhouse gases and burning fossil fuels. If the temperature that the scientist believe global warming will cause the earth to reach to all around the world wouldn’t do us any good.

If those temperatures reach us the sea would either rise flooding us and/or it could also stop raining completely and that wouldn’t be good to our crops we need then to grow for food. So, everything acts as a chain reaction basically. When we pollute the earth, the earth has all these effects that just don’t do any of us any good at all. The pollution would lead to cause of death to millions, so will global warming, lack of food, lack of water… as you can see this is all because our population has been growing rapidly since we first came here. About 1 billion people are born every 13 years. That is a great amount of people and that kind of amount could result to all of those terrible things.

Whatever people decide to do now effects whats going to happen in the future so if you pollute you can bank on the fact that you contributed to global warming, lack of food, lack of water, lower flora and fauna, death to millions… no billions of people, and in order to reach my goal of having a “future worth living for” or a “future to look forward too”, i think that better public sanitation will help improve our situation,using more energy efficient items, reducing, reusing, and recycling, managing wastelands better, taking less time wasting water while you take a shower or brush your teeth, etc. As I was saying before about how we have about 1 billion people every 13 years… we should also slow down on our population because take India for instance they reproduce like….

Well, they don’t have the best lifestyle. That’s just evidence showing that we should slow down with the babies… It would also give us time to get back on track and help us conserve more natural resources. What I’m saying is that we shouldn’t go overboard wit the babies because half of them go to orphanages anyway… slowing the populations growth wold also give us time to improve our living standards. As the population growth slows down, the world can have more education to the kids for the futures and more jobs for people and others things that would be significant to help us. Because of that the increase in money that people would receive, would also help the resources.

Another issue is that in many countries a lot of the babies live… More then babies that die… and I’m not saying that a bad thing it’s a really good thing but with the problem I’m talking about it crates difficulties. It causes over population. Many places like that could not have those certain issues of having a baby at all if they took steps to get supplies, this will slow the population growth by giving people information that they need to make about having a baby. Also, planning before will give people more time to think. So, what I have been trying to say this whole time is basically that you have to be careful. Not only with you future but about others too! Recycle once in a while take 15 minute showers instead of 30 minute ones.

Just those small things can help your future, your kids future, your grandkids future and so on and so forth. If you made a promise to yourself that you would try these few tips like to use more energy efficient supplies and using the 3 R’s then just watch before your eyes how the world will change maybe not when your alive but maybe you really great grandkids. They might have even found away to live without your problems. If you chose to not waste all that paper and not waste all of our natural resources your life would be much more easier. It would slow the population growth that started this all in the first place. We could risk everything if we continue they way we live so might as well.