How Can We Show

In anything we do, there must be a force that drives our action and speech. Let’s have a look at Romans 8:6 and examine what kind of mindset we should cultivate. Read. As the scripture points out, being a spiritual person is not just a matter of personal preference. It is a matter of life and death. So then, let us look into a few ways we can show we that we are minding the spirit. Since the Bible itself is a product of God’s spirit, what better way could there be than to read it daily.

We must diligently study the Bible. By doing so, God’s spirit can influence our mind and heart and we will develop a spiritual inclination and attitude. Thus our mindset will be controlled and impelled by His active force. However, it is important to note that knowledge of God’s word is not enough. Remember King Solomon. He knew Jehovah’s standards very well. But then what happened? He came to have many foreign wives. And soon he was following after their gods. In fact, he practiced some sort of interfaith just so that he could please his wives.

If he was minding the spirit, would he have done so? Yes from his example, we learn that we must obey Jehovah wholeheartedly. Another way is by displaying godly qualities. What are they? Let’s find out at Galatians 5:22, 23. Read. How do we manifest the fruitage of the spirit in our life? If we have love, it will move us to forgive one another freely. Besides, love for neighbor moves us to share the kingdom good news with other. We will thus be motivated to have a fuller share in the kingdom preaching work.

In addition, we would avoid a competitive spirit in the congregation. There shouldn’t be such thing as: I put in more hours in the ministry than you so I’m better than you, or I am a pioneer and you’re not. Brothers will avoid viewing privileges of service as a position of authority. Such kind of behavior is of fleshly origin. If we are to mind the spirit, we will view privileges in the congregation as a means to minister to others. Finally, it is important to set spiritual goals and work to attain them.

Examples of spiritual goals we can set include: improving our study habits, increasing our share in the ministry, or perhaps reaching out for a privilege of service in the congregation. Why are spiritual goals important? When we work to attain our goals, our minds will be occupied with spiritual interests and we are better able to resist temptations. To sum it up, minding the spirit is the course of wisdom, for this world and its desire is passing away. We will experience inner peace and also enjoy a peaceful relationship with Jehovah.

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