Homosexuality and Film

Reaction Paper: “Philadelphia” I was really in love by the film. It was truly an inspiration for me as a gay person. It reminded me that every person in this world, even if you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, black, white or asian deserves to be respected and to be equally well-treated. This film was great because it shows or talks about discrimination and tolerance as well. For me, I personally define Philadelphia as a cinematic perfection.

It is a very important film to watch not only for the LGBT’s but also for every person in this world for them to know that discrimination is a big no and to realize that even though a person is different he/she must respect it. God created the man equally and we must not judge anyone of us for their differences and disabilities. Actually, I was really feeling bored watching at the beginning of the movie. I honestly don’t get the meaning and the purpose of creating this film.

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Aside from this film was a bit older (because it was release in the year 1993) it took me a bit long to understand what they’re trying to say because of their slang accents and their idiomatic expressions and sentences that I don’t understand. I was also confused and curious if why the movie was entitled Philadelphia and then I found the answer later on. As I watched the film, I found it interesting. I found out that the protagonist was a homosexual and was infected by a terrible disease called acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS.

Andrew Beckett was an excellent lawyer and was fired by the law firm because he had AIDS, but the law firm didn’t actually say the real reason of why they fired him and that they made it appear that Andrew had a questionable professional ability in light of the misplaced file or document and is incompetent. Then he find several attorneys to take his case including Joe Miller. But Joe Miller was hesitant to accept the case and initially declined it. It is because Joe was a homophobic and he knew that Andrew had AIDS. But eventually after Joe’s doctor told the method of HIV infection he accepted the case. As the case oes, Beckett wanted to win his case not only for his own good but also for the sake of other people who have this terrible disease and who is also gay or lesbian, because in their place which is the Philadelphia the people who has this particular disease was being discriminated. Eventually Beckett won the case. For me, this film has important morals to all the people. We must treat each of us equally even that person has a disease or even if his sexual orientation is different. Us also, here in the Philippines must apply this kind of moral. We must not discriminate people especially those people who are LGBT.

As far as I know here in the Philippines, LGBTs are dismissed from work or denied promotion because of their gender identity. There are still schools that kick out gay students if they come out. Gays are also discriminated in insurance policies because they are thought to be more prone to HIV when we know that it is sexual behavior that determines that. I say no to discrimination here in the Philippines. We must respect each of everyone no matter who we are. I hope that someday as soon as this problem is solved, I can freely utter “I say to you quite frankly that the time for racial and sexual orientation discrimination is over”.