Hollister Co.: Current Industry and Market Size

Industry and Market Size Hollister Co. is a retail company that manufactures apparel and accessories for men and women. The particular style of clothing that this company provides and is known for is “surf”, “beach”; “preppy” fashion style. Hollister’s gender-labeling for their clothing are called “Bettys”, who are for women and “Dudes”, which are for men. Hollister Co. ’s parent company is Abercrombie and Fitch, Abercrombie and Fitch is also known for having a “preppy” style to their fashion.

Hollister was founded in 2000 and the first store was located in Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio (Hunter, 2007). The company also retails its products through a chain of stores in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch are owned by the same person. Abercrombie and Fitch were initially designed for college students, while Hollister was lower priced for high school students (Hunter, 2007). Hollister’s target market is mostly high school and college students. This company targets customers at theses age groups as well as their parents.

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The current industry and market size that Hollister Co. falls under is very large. There are many different clothing stores in the same industry as Hollister Co. , they are the company’s main competitors. The many different well known clothing stores that fall in the industry and the competitors are the following: •American Eagle Co. •Aeropostale Co. •Forever 21 Co. •H;M Co. •GAP Co. •Old Navy Co. American Eagle Outfitters is one of the main competitors of Hollister Co. The reason American Eagle Outfitters is on of Hollister Co. iggest threat is because the brand’s style is similar and attracts the similar age group, which is 14-27. Both brands show off their logos on most of their products, this is one thing that usually attracts customers for this particular market group. American Eagle Outfitters prices are not as expensive as Hollister Co. but are yet still made well and not with cheap material. Growth Potential and Future Opportunities Hollister Co. can promote customer loyalty by being nice to their customers so they would want to come back. Hollister Co. tores are designed so a customer feels like they are shopping at a beach shop. This makes customers feel like they are on vacation or living another life. Hollister Co. is usually located by stores that attract the younger crowds. Since this company attracts high school students as well as college students, there should be more discounted sales and potential savings if you spend a certain amount at each visit. This will draw in current customers as well as new customers. Hollister Co. products and advertisements attract young people that are athletic and slender fit.

Their women’s pants sizes are 00-11and the shirts are size XS-L. The men’s pants are size 28×30-36×34 and the shirts sizes are XS-XL sizes. If Hollister Co. provided clothing that would fit others that were not slender fit, they would gain more new customers. Since this particular company only sells clothing up to a certain size for both women and men, they are losing potential customers that are at a heavier weight. As a woman of size, I would love to have the opportunity to buy certain clothing articles from Hollister Co. , but my clothing size is not available at these stores.

I am sure there are many potential customers that feel the same as I do about this particular issue. Another idea for growth potential would to let the customers have the opportunity to have a Hollister co. credit card. This would bring in more sales for the company and make the customers want to come back more frequently. Product Positioning Strategy When a person thinks of Hollister Co, they think expensive, high-in and preppy clothing. That is what the current product positioning strategy shows; I want to change the current product positioning strategy.

I want the target customer group to know that our products are affordable and that they are of good quality. The customers should know that our products are as affordable as our competitors but are made better, a product that will last forever. The products should show that they are authentic in a unique way that others aren’t. Our logo shirts and sweat shirts, as well as most of our products, have an authentic Hollister trademark logo. Hollister Co. products show more quality and authentic than the competitor, American Eagle Co. , Hollister’s products are made for the free and the wild.

Customer Profile The demographics for the company Hollister is males and females between the ages of 14-18. The people in the demographics are usually high school students as well as college students. This company targets customers at theses age groups and that their parents. The company aims for parents to spend money in their stores for their teenagers and young adults. Income for the primary market is $40,000-$60,000 per year. The target customer for this particular company is middle to upper class individuals. The major location for the demographics is suburban areas and rural areas.

Hollister Co. only sells their products in their stores only; this shows the originality of Hollister’s products. The average marital status is married or single for the target customer. The education for the demographics is high school and college students. The ethnic group that is targeted in the primary market is Caucasian. The psychographics for the target customer are hip to the new trend and love to show off “popular” brands. The target customer is a trend follower and loves being a friendly, loving person and likes to have a good time. A Hollister Co. arget customer is a popular, outgoing, and a confident person. The young adults that love Hollister Co. are lovers of the water and being on the beach. Marketing Communications The marketing message for Hollister Co. should make customers feel that there isn’t another brand that will make them look as well as feel more unbelievable than when they wear Hollister. The customers need to know, that when they shop in Hollister stores, they will experience a new and hip way to shop. The environment of the stores should make the customers feel like they are shopping in a surf shop right by the beach.

Advertisement Design The following is an advertisement message that is can target the company’s target customer group. The message tells the target customer that by wearing the product it will make you feel, strong, sexy, and desirable. “Ride the wave and feel incredible, look and feel unforgettable. ” Communication Channel The advertisement would appear on social site like YouTube, Pandora and Facebook. In today’s world, the youth is predominantly using the internet. The target age group frequently uses the social site Facebook; this social media site would be a great way to promote and advertise Hollister Co.

Facebook would confidently approach the target customers and would be a great way to promote and advertise sales and upcoming events for Hollister Co. The message and the communication channel that was chosen match the target market because the target age group wants to look and feel like they are incredible, strong and sexy. The media site, Facebook, is something that the target age group visits almost every day, sometimes more than once a day. The company’s message would absolutely reach the target market and would definitely bring customers to the stores.

Distribution Placement Strategies Network of distributors is local branches who deal with a company’s customers, taking and dealing out customer’s orders, as well as providing great customer service (James, 2009). Network of distributors is how Hollister Co. should distribute their products because it is such a large company. Hollister Co. needs to be an independent distributor who only distributes the company’s product at the stores. This will allow better customer service in our store as well as less competition. The internet is also another place for distribution of the brand’s product.

The internet is a great way to lure customers in to save money on products, and offer savings on shipping. Global Opportunities The current market place for Japan is always looking for something new and something unique. If Hollister Co. would expand to the Country of Japan our sales would expand a great deal. Japan is a place where there are so many different fashion styles, but the country is known for having an act for having some of the best fashion statements. There would be a lot of competition if Hollister Co. ould expand to this country, as said before, in Japan there are many different fashion styles and Hollister Co. would just be another one to add. In Japan, their current economic status is great and steady; there have been updates that the country’s economy has been sluggish for the past year. The concern that their economy might become worse is something that Hollister Co. would have to take a chance on. Japan is somewhere that Hollister Co. could grow and be loved; this country shows that they love new fashions. The country’s cultural value is having a nice and good looking wardrobe, as well as it is in United States.

In Japan’s cultural, they love to have a fashion that no one else has and something that is very unique. In Japan, the demographic characteristics of the proposed target market would be male and females, ages 19-27. The age factor is different from the United States because it is thought that more college students would love the fashion of Hollister Co. in this country. The target customer would be single or married and would have an income of $20,000-$60,000 a year. The target customer would love to have a style that is different from what everyone else is wearing.

Hollister Co. would benefit if expanded to the country of Japan, the company would be very successful and have a great opportunity to expand revenue. Expanding would also help the economy of the country of Japan as well as ours. The college students would love the new Hollister Co. and would fall in love with the surf look. Executive Summary Hollister Co. is a growing company and will be very successful in the future. The current market place for this brand is very competitive and is still growing. It is important to have a strong market plan to keep our brand the best.

The customer market is growing, there are hopes that our target market keeps growing and expands. The adding of a plus size line would increase revenue and bring in more customers than we already have. The new line would help expand our customer market and because of new customer market, the company could look forward to having rising sales. Hollister Co. products will and always will be unique, stylish, cool and unforgettable.? References James, K. (2009, June 12). Distribution channels for services. Retrieved from http://www. marketingmo. com/how-to-articles/distribution-strategy/distribution