Great success

Great success is attained when individuals work with positive spirit in a group than individually. The principle orientation should be to attain high levels of positive results. A lot of care however should be considered because the failure of the group means great failure on thee part of individual members. Therefore, each participant should play rightful role without dependence of individual other member of the group. Each member should cultivate contribution and interaction with others towards the success of the whole group [Metz 46-48]

Aims and objectives

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To be convinced, to have control, lack fear and having a sense of self-capability of the potential to develop presentation skills and learn how to put forward ideas.

This is quite paramount as the concerned individual develops:  (More, 67-69]

1.      Tailored presentation of learning skills to recipients

2.      Relative methods devoid of nervousness in confronting audience

3.      Dramatic presentation.

4.      Situations and questions are handled as necessary with comfort.confident presentation of accumulated skills is attained

5.      A high rate of accumulation of material is noted

The principle secret underlying the success of group work is that only one member should know the solution, which is permeated to the rest of the group. Individuals in the group are held accountable on individual ground (Meyerson and Adams, 2003 ,93-94]

Benefits of team presentation

It is easier and quicker
Mutual social interactions is realized
The subject matter is well covered in details while the minimum time possible is needed.
Positive co-operation, follow-up leadership organization and negotiation are realized.
Members come to understand each other
Management skills are acquired, human relation is improved, and ability to participate as a leader among members is highlighted.
There is greater expertise reality, mingling and availability of expertise results to better management.
Variety of creativity is used for the benefit of all. [Greheigne & Richard, 112-114]
Problems and challenges of group work

The chances of disintegration exists which could greatly injure the committed members.
Depending on the spirit of devotion some members may befit while others loose.
Since this has diverse combination of individuals planning is time conscious.
It is difficult to quantify and comment individual effort hence some may gain from the efforts of others.
The preservation of the group is as a task more difficult to confront just as the ideas and tasks are to implement.
The individual proponent to independent self-thinking has no room in-group work.
Joyrides and freeloaders exist in the group and their burden is borne by the positive contributors.

For the success of the group to be realized:

Each individual should exhibit positive interdependence, be accountable on a personal and group sense, and participate in the processes as a group. Face to face interactions must exist.

it is through this that each individual human complexity will be highlighted for the purpose of enhancing relations and acquisition of leadership roles.

Supportive relationship will accrue, greater psychological well being realized, a supportive interaction achieved, competence and communication skills uplifted and self-esteem improved. Through teamwork achievements are realized.   [ Eitington, 1996, 47-49]

It is important for each individual to fit in the group thus the right procedure of forming the group is crucial. Members should be familiar to each other and preferably be friends. The strengths and weakness of each member should be borne into considerations to necessitate identification of the contribution potential borne in each member. Filling roles makes the most team effort.

The members should have a sense of attachment to the group and not isolated. The best results of interaction should be optimized as the top priority.

Each member should also be informed of the principle idea, aim and objective and his/her rightful role in the group to avoid duplication; this implies that it is of paramount importance to have the right coordination


The idea of more brain pooled from the group is key to success of teamwork. On deciding who to do what, analyze skills, styles weaknesses and strength, potentials of each member and the aim and purpose of presentation. Through teamwork summaritive effects are achieved since each individual comes out with the finest digested idea.