Globalization of Health Care

What are the facilitating developments that have allowed health care to start globalizing?

There are many factors that have allowed health care to start globalizing such as the high cost of medical care and health insurance in the United State,: advances in the communication technologies permit the information to be shared almost immediately from place to place: hospitals whit a very high quality are emerging in places like India and Singapore, is really easy, fast and cheaper get aboard to get treatment and avoid high co-payments; and the fact that some insurance companies are starting to experiment whit payment for foreign treatment at internationally accredited hospital.

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QUESTION 2: Who benefits from the globalization of health care? Who are the losers? The patients that are uninsured and need medical care benefits from the globalization of health because they can have less expensive treatments with the same efficiency in high-quality hospitals. There are also some underinsurance people with high co-payments in expensive procedures that also may travel to have medical treatment less expensive. At the same time Insurance companies don’t have to pay a large bill to the hospital.

The countries where the people are going to have the medical care are beneficiated because they are receiving the money from the foreign patients. On the other hand, physicians, and hospitals are not benefiting from this process because they lose patients and money. But otherwise, the technological advances and the globalization, make possible to send MRI scans and X-rays to radiologists to in other countries to have the results faster and cut cost because America’s radiologist are more expensive than the foreign ones. QUESTION 3: Are there any risks associated with the globalization of health care?

Can these risks be mitigated? How? Some people may be worried about the quality of the medical care in other countries and the knowledge of the doctors and nurses. There are always risks in medical procedures no matter the country, but this risk can be minimized if the medical tourist goes to a new private hospital where highly skilled physicians will treat them. Globalization of health care allows many doctors from different countries to study in the US so they have the same knowledge and are as qualified as any US doctor. QUESTION 4: On balance, do you think that the globalization of healthcare is a good thing, or not?

In my opinion globalization of healthcare and globalization in general is a good thing. We can save money and time because patients whit low monetary resources can travel to receive medical treatment, doctors can send diagnostic procedures to other countries to be analyzed during night time in the US and have the results ready first time in the morning. Other countries are having a flow of medical tourist to be treated in their hospital and are having a big income of money, while doctor and hospitals in the US are forced to give better service and medical procedures.