French Revolution

Otzi the Iceman is the best kept mummy that we have come to discover, and with this we know he died what is believed to be a pretty horrific death. The climate around the time of Iceman’s death could not have helped his will to survive, scientists believe he was buried inside of the Similaun Glacier’s ice. The death itself caused by a fatal arrow to the back did not kill the man right away, leaving him to suffer a painful death. Iceman, through all of his struggle managed to make his way to the top of the mountain.

Even with what scientists discovered, that his right hand had been severely cut all the way to tendons, his left arm perhaps paralyzed by the arrow attack, a cut on his left hand along with his right forearm, and three intense bruises on his left side, he still managed to climb his way to the top of this mountain. I think someone has to have a lot of determination to continue on with a journey when so badly injured, but why? I believe that Otzi was traveling with a companion, someone close to him that he felt the need to protect.

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When his companion was attacked, Otzi had to help him back to their village to care for his wounds. While on their journey back to their family, his friend could no longer make it, and told him to go on without him, he refused to do so, letting the attackers get closer to him. Once the attackers finally spotted him they struck, Iceman was left no choice but to try and take on two men, winning the battle at first, and then being able to swiftly escape the scene of the attack.

He staggered his way to the mountain, he thought that this would be a perfect way to really escape the attackers and camp out for the night until the coast was clear. Otzi made it all the way to the top of the mountain, and then one of the attackers spotted him. Angry that he had gotten away from them twice, he took a leap of faith and decided to throw his arrow aggressively at Iceman, not expecting to really strike him. Iceman felt the hit in the back. Hungry, tired, cold and alone, he was unable to save himself, and there he lie, awaiting his death on the top of the mountain.