Fallacious arguments

Fallacious arguments are often times more persuasive than a factual one. People often times commit fallacies without noticing its existence in an argument because of the aim to support an idea. Due to its somewhat reliable reasoning as it appear, a listener who is unaware of the forms fallacies easily persuaded. Why, because of the appearance of the fallacy itself. With Dooffuss essay about Felix or shall we say a review on that play, many and most of the content (knowing its length) are in the form of unreliable reasoning. With the play’s theme on equilibrium, without noticing or written for a cause fallacies exist.

If we try to read the essay we might be persuaded with the forms of reasoning but with the knowledge on fallacies we are able to determine which are reliable of fallacious arguments. At the earlier part of the essay this “simple deductive logic” as he said can be noticed: “All scientists are whacky; Felix is a scientist: Felix is a bit whacky”. If we try to analyze we will be able to know that the line is has nothing to do with the preceding thoughts. It is used to divert the attention of the reader, thus red herring is committed. At first glance it is reliable and has something to do with the thought, it is the nature then of that fallacy. A false analogy is stated with this statement: “If you think Felix belongs in this play, then you must think a ballerina belongs to NFL”. On the first place, Felix is a character on the play and it has nothing to do with the ballerina and the NFL. I mean they do not have the similarities. It should not be compared with the ballerina and the NFL. What he’s trying to say is that Felix character does not belong to the play and that’s it. If some other reasons shall be given, it should be related with the character. Further more, Ad Populum was used when he wrote: “Anyone who is a true American understands the importance of laughter and this is why Felix is in the play”. We cannot deny that he is trying to get the sympathy of the Americans. He tries to let the Americans agree with his idea by winning their emotions. It is one of the commonly abused kinds of fallacious reasoning because people tend to gain more strength when somebody is at their back. With this line: “But few aware that Gruntle got his PhD in literature……..

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Also my girlfriend told me that Gruntle was once arrested for soliciting a prostitute in the lobby of the Flamingo hotel”. It is an evidence that Dooffuss tries to say that Grunted is not a credible source. Although he might be successful in imparting his thoughts, he was wrong in pointing out his reasons. As what the ad homenim is defined, he used this type of fallacy; attacking the person’s character in order to reject his idea. Although Gruntle once committed a mistake, that mistake has nothing to do with his idea on the play. There should be an assumption that his proposition is true or right. On the following lines of the essay Oprah was used by Dooffuss as a proof that his statement is true knowing that Oprah has established her name on television. Although Oprah might have a point in asserting a question: “What’s Felix got to do with the serious themes of the play?” she still is not a reliable authority on that matter. Oprah is inclined with the television shows (particularly the talk shows) and not with the field of literature. False authority type of fallacy is committed then. Near the end of the essay a proof was raise by Dooffuss by stating that three smart students as he said were asked about their opinion on Felix’s existence. Two out of three voted Felix’s irrelevance with the theme. Three is only a fraction of the people’s voice, generalizing and drawing a conclusion as if the few are the voice of everybody is a fallacy; hasty generalization.

We can see that Dooffuss strongly disagreed Felix’s character on the play to the point that unreliable proofs were drawn. Even though drastic reasons were drawn, he still knew what the play is all about or he still recognized the theme of the play. The play was not merely for nothing. It aims to visualize the reality of mankind; the battle within one’s self.

“I’ve just run out of maths. The equation don’t exist for what I can already sense” this shows that Felix is trying to argue with himself to be one or to act on the situation as one. This is the feeling when one wants to coordinate with his whole system and  one part of it is not functioning according to the owner’s desire. This is also due to what is happening to his life and his family that his body is not functioning according to his desire coordination. This is the result of the battle within him where he was trying to reconcile everything and because his body is used to isolation everything turns out to be a hard thing. With that statement he evidently wants to have an intimacy. Also, in the depths of the heart of Felix their lie a desire to be with his mother’s heart. His mother does not have a happy life with her family, she said”I have been doubly unlucky in my life. To marry a biologist and give birth to a physicist”. It is a hard thing to hear such words from a mouth of a mother but even though he knows the heart of his mother he still have the hope that someday he will win his mother’s heart or he can erase all the miseries of his mother. If that aim will be successful, one part of Felix’s system (if not all) will be coordinated. On the other hand, there were also times or segments on the play that the character of Felix tried to be uncoordinated or isolated. When the existence of Rosie, who previously he had an affair, was noticed some part of Felix’s heart tried to isolate or depart from the coordination of its system due to the fact that he once abandoned the girl. This is a hard thing because some part of him tried to be isolated but some part still wants to reconcile. That is the feeling when you see your once-loved person again (knowing that you committed once a mistake by abandoning or some other mistake). The feeling of regret and hatred battles within. Some part will say that you still love her and yet some part will say that she’s nothing, you once abandoned her. It’s really a hard situation. One response to this kind of situation is to isolate your self. Some even think to be vanished and that emotion might not interact with the situation. On situation when Felix wants to isolate him self is when puts a garden hose on his neck and wear his dad’s suit. It is an indication that battle within is in existence where he chooses to isolate his body and emotion.

The aim of Felix was to reconcile the some field of physics and to attend his father’s burial. He did not expect that he will reconcile the important part of life. It is not the theories that are important. Theories are there forever, life will just pass once. Even though he will be able to solve the unsolved part of math and science he will still go back to the reason of his existence, and that’s life. Felix was able to reconcile. The intimacy wants prevail. He was successfully put everything into coordination. This is the end of the play. The theme was successfully driven to its destination and that is to reconcile every important part of Felix’s life.

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