Evaluation of San Diego Child Abuse Prevention Foundation

This memo was prepared in order to explain and analyze San Diego Child Abuse Prevention Foundation on a number of important facets, mainly its contribution to community, key programs enacted and revenue and expenditure incurred.  This memo will be thus structured in the following key sections.

Contributions of San Diego Child Abuse Prevention Foundation to San Diego

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This non-profit making organization was able attain $6 million to sustain and improve the operation of the San Pasqual Academy, which was set up in 2001 with the objective of aiding youth.  It encompasses a high school providing education and other relevant assistance to foster children’s needs.  A number of scholarships are provided by this institution to enhance youth education to high levels.  In its year of inception, San Pasqual Academy, for example, provided scholarships reaching $43,000 (Guidestar.org).

Substantial finance was also raised with the help of the Golf Tournament, which is conducted yearly, which reached $30,000.  This money is highly valuable to abused children, by providing financial and psychological help to alleviate their hardships.  For instance a large number of toys, amounting to 13,000 toys were provided to battered children to help them.  Such gifts are given monthly to more than 100 children.  These gifts are provided to children less than 18 years, whose families are in severe financial conditions and seeking financial aid (Guidestar.org).

Programs of San Diego Child Abuse Prevention Foundation

The salient programs offered by this organization are speech therapy, head start programs, education in computer knowledge and literacy, scholarship financial aid and providing help in attaining physiological needs, like baby supplies, clothing and more.  The scholarships provided assist individual students in curricular expenditure such as tuition fees, accommodation, books and other related costs.  Students applying for scholarships are appraised by the Professional Evaluation Committee and financial assistance of up to $30,000 can be provided each year (Guidestar.org).

Revenue and Expenditure of San Diego Child Abuse Prevention Foundation

The revenue of the firm, which amounted to $2,853,493 in 2004 mainly, comprises direct (60.94% of revenue) and indirect donations (1.25%), government grants (29.92%), net sales of stock (2.89%) savings interests (0.52%) and dividends from investments (4.39%) (Guidestar.org 2005, p 1).  Revenue expenditure incurred in the financial year end 2004 totaled $2,828,117.  This is classified according to functions and includes the following expenses: program services (84.96% of costs), management and administrative costs (5.13%) and fundraising (9.91%).  No payments to affiliates occurred both in 2004 and 2005 (Guidestar.org 2005, p 1).

Navigators of non-profit organizations, like Charity Navigator, rank San Diego Chile Abuse Prevention Foundation as a two star company.  In 2005, the firm revealed an efficiency of 81.6% in program expenses, 5.8% in administration costs and 12.5% in fundraising expenditure. A deteriorating main revenue growth and program expenditure growth of 7.4% and 13.2% were noted in the financial year 2005 (Charity Navigator 2006).  .  This diminished the overall rate of the organization.  The working capital ratio in number of year’s terms was determined at 1.80 (Charity Navigator 2006).  .

No scandals or incidents that cast significant doubt about the integrity of executive management and fraud within the firm were noted on the San Diego Child Abuse Prevention Foundation.  If they happen they would be detrimental for the organization’s reputation and survival.


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