Evaluating the Impact of Surveillance Technology: How Do People Maximize Its Benefits While Protecting their Privacy?

Technology has changed the way people and organizations communicate and process information. Despite the benefits of using privacy-infringing surveillance technology that allows government agents or law enforcement officers, private and public institutions, to gain access to information or actual events, fight terrorism, identify criminals or maintain security, surveillance technologies is recognized to have a negative impact on people’s privacy which tends to be “subtle and incremental in the short term, but dramatic and momentous in the long run” (Simmons, 2007). Surveillance technology tricks, stigmatizes, troubles, and represses, weakens society’s moral (Clarke, 1988; Sloan, 2001; Theodore, Martin, & Hollon, 2006). To identify the specific impact of surveillance technology, empirical data will be obtained.

In general, the proposed study aims to evaluate the impact of surveillance technology on society. Specific questions will be addressed:

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1.      What is surveillance technology?

2.      What are the advantages and disadvantages of surveillance technology on society?

3.      How could we maximize the benefits of surveillance technology? When and where should this technology be used?

4.      What interventions or safety measures can be done to protect people’s privacy?


This study employs descriptive research design in investigating related problem, issues, and solutions. It involves qualitative and quantitative analyses of data. Specifically, survey methods will be used to obtain information from literature or data from the research sample. These are literature-survey type through desk research and direct-data type through survey questionnaires and interviews.