Eustress is referred to as a pleasant or a curative form of stress whereas distress is the form of stress that has negative effects on the human beings. Distress is also seen as an unpleasant type of stress or a disease producing type of stress which is very chronic, sustained and even in some instances it is uncontrolled thus leading to a compromised immune system and illnesses and in the most severe cases it may even lead to death.. Those in the middle ages are prone to various forms of stress since they are going through their mid life crisis which is accompanied by a lot of other characteristics.

There are many different forms the stress can be categorized especially for those in the middle ages. The first classification of stress for the middle aged is the situational stress which is usually caused by the situational stressors in our immediate environment. It is therefore very important for those in the middle ages to identify their common persistent distressors and initiate the proper methods of managing and addressing them.

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Most of the people in the middle age experience the situational stress through their work environment and this affects them a great deal. This comes as a result of boredom because of working in the same office and doing the same things repeatedly on a daily basis. It could also be caused by a lot of wok that is allocated to an individual and its makes one overwhelmed and the level of the situational stress increases. On the other hand situational stress in the Middle Ages affects those that do not have some coping mechanisms which will them function at high levels with the lowest possible negative reactions to the stress that is continual.

Another type of stress that greatly affects the middle aged is the body stress which results in physical symptoms that are overt and this leads to those affected neglecting their bodies by not either getting enough sleep or simply by not taking the proper nutrition. The other form of stress is the mind stress which is mainly caused by a negative perception of the life’s events .This is especially common in the middle ages since most of the people here tend to highly exaggerate their problems or even at times they invent problems which do not exist.

It is very common for the middle ages being pessimistic and they also take things too personally as they jump into conclusions. This type of stress is very common  to the extent that it can lead to fretting or worrying over very insignificant details and people who allow themselves to mentally worrying a lot more often or those that have negative thoughts they are known to be the most prone to the long term effects of mind stress.

Identifying stress

It is very easy to identify stress for someone in the middle ages and this can be done either through physical observations or even the medical examination which is very comprehensive. In order to manage stress effectively as an individual in the Middle Ages it is very important that you become conversant with the types and the amounts of the stressors in your everyday life. One way that is effective in developing awareness is the assessment of the frequency and the amount of stress in your daily routine in life and then further trace the stress to its source. Most often one can identify the eustress and distresses in the following ways.

Muscle tension.
You can do this by scanning to check the muscle tension. This can also be done to different body muscles. One could start with the top of the head working their way down. You can also check your fore head your eyes your jaws and see if  you are clenching your teeth by any chance .You could also move to your neck and shoulders and check for any kind of pain or tension . It is also important if you checked your breathing to see if it is shallow and rapid rather than being deep and slow. You could also scan your feet and toes and also your upper legs to see if there are any signs of stress.

Hand temperature
This is a very easy way to identify any kind of stress to a person in their middle ages since it simply involves one placing their hand on the side of their neck just above the collar bone. If the hand is noticeably cooler than the neck this is a clear indication that you might be stressed.

Nervous sweating
This is the most visible sign of stress or distress in those people in their middle ages since many people perspire when they are eustressed or distressed. The process of perspiring is an involutantary response to stress that is mainly caused by the secretion of some stress hormones. This is a very simple indicator of the body response to the stressors.

Pulse rate.
Most of the people have a pulse rate in the 50s or 60s when they are resting. However if you notice that your pulse rate is higher than 75bpm this could be an indication that your body is responding to a stressor.

It is common that if you are relaxed your breathing is shallow and also deep and your stomach muscles are also very relaxed. However if there is any amount of stress ant tension you tend to tighten the muscles in the stomach and you breathe through your chest. The chest is not as expandable as the stomach and therefore one will exhibit rapid and shallow breathing on the chest. A very simple way of managing stress for the middle age is to learn to breathe in a very relaxed fashion as you relax the stomach and breathe in very slowly filling it first then the chest. Once you have been able to identify the stresses and distresses then you can lay down a strategy of managing them.

Dealing with distress and eustress

The most effective way of dealing with distress and eustress is by making various changes in your surrounding envioroment.This could help reduce situatinal. Another way of dealing with this issue for those in middle age is to communicate clearly and very carefully especially to those whom we are having problems with.

It is very evident that those in the middle age are not usually easily understood by those around them therefore it is very crucial if one puts across information in a very caring way. In dealing with this issue it is equally important to refuse too many responsibilities which tend to overwhelm us in various ways thus affecting our proper way of functioning.


In conclusion one has to learn a way of managing their time well since in most instances people find themselves in dilemmas because of poor time management skills. On the other hand it is very important to delegate responsibilities and also allow other people to help in various given tasks. (Margie, 2001)