Equal Rights for Lgbt

For many years, homosexuals have been discriminated because of their sexual orientation. There are parents who teach their children to look down on homosexuality and that it is seen unnatural. But that was before, now the new generation is still growing so they make their own decisions. This generation is more open-minded and more accepting to new ideas. Homosexuals should be able to live with the same equal rights as everyone in America since this is the country considered the “Land of the Free” or the “Mixing Pot. African-Americans fought for equal rights and Hispanics fought for equal rights; then why can’t homosexuals also fight? If America wants to live up to their reputation then homosexuals should have equality. The ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) is trying to spread its influence to the whole country. The ENDA is an act that promotes equal opportunity and eliminating discrimination. Shari Hutchinson, a support officer at a child support office, was denied a promotion because of her sexual orientation. Sexuality has nothing to do with their skills, intelligence and education.

Hutchinson had 20 years of work experience and a masters degree and was still denied a promotion. She tried to sue her employer but it took four years of effort for a judge to allow her to sue. In the end, she and her colleagues were demoted from their jobs. “Discrimination is expensive,” said Jennifer Pizer (Tate). Pizer refers workers suing their employers because of low pay, denied promotions and unfair treatment. Homosexuals should not have the same jobs as everyone else and having the ENDA may end up worse than you think.

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There isn’t the issue of homosexuals but also transgender. “Without containing an explicit exclusion, persons with these conditions will have a certain degree of protection under ENDA. ” said Labor lawyer Dudley Rochelle (Stachelburg). Workers may complain that a transgender man should use the woman’s restroom since he thinks he is a woman. This causes controversy, tension and hatred to rise. The ENDA causes more trouble to employers since they can’t keep track of every worker. Eventually there would someone trying to sue the employer and who will be paying for the damages?

The employer would. An agency dismissal costs about $5,000-$25,000, when a claimant sues the company and the company wins then the cost would be about $25,000-$75,000 and when they try to avoid a trial it will cost close to $150,000-$250,000. Then there’s the issue of gays serving in the military. To serve in the military, it shouldn’t matter what their sexuality is. “There are gays and lesbians who want to serve honorably to and with integrity,” Virgil Richard of the army (Marzilli 68).

President Barack Obama lifted the 17 year old “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy on December 22. The policy was enforced by President Bill Clinton which was meant for homosexuals who wish to serve in the military. Commanders were not allowed to ask someone’s sexuality and the soldier was not allowed to mention it. If there was a war and a gay man was on the battlefield, it shouldn’t matter what his sexuality is as long as he keeps you alive. Every year, about 66,000 gays are discharged from the military because they are either gay or lesbian.

Since 1993, about 627 are discharged each day and the numbers rise by 100. But each time a soldier is discharged, our military will slowly decrease. Only about 800 soldiers are discharged every day but it is not because of the commanders, but because those soldiers decided to come out. Having homosexuals in the military may cause homophobia, insecurities and beliefs. Being in the same shower with a homosexual will cause mistrust and the whole military may fall. If soldiers are distracted by homosexuals then all military strategies will fall.

The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy causes mistrust between soldiers and commanders. Soldiers would not be discharged if they did not say anything “but if nobody knew about them, then what harm could they do? ” (Owens) The LGBT needs have the same equal rights as everyone in America. Business leaders are filthy rich not because they own a wealthy company but because they have people working for them, homosexuals included. They are “the reason why American business leaders have been [successful],” Jennifer Pizer said (Tate).

Homosexuals are still human, there’s no reason to mistreat them. Without homosexuals then the number of adoptions will decrease dramatically. Adoption agencies said about more than 60% of children are adopted by non-heterosexual parents. Many of those kids aren’t always orphaned, some of them were badly abused by parents who ever wanted anything to do with them. If it weren’t for same-sex marriage and gay adoptions laws, then so many kids will be stuck in foster care. If same-sex marriages were enforced then why can’t there be more laws concerning their safety?

Aren’t there charities who say they’ll help those in need? But when a homosexual comes up they throw him out like garbage. This world is full of contradictions and hypocrites. No one should be judged based on their race, ethnics, skin color and sexuality. People need to realize that words and actions affect not just gays and lesbians but for all people. There need to be laws to protect gays and lesbians from discrimination. The LGBT should have the right to serve and protect their country since they have been anyways for the past several years.