Embrace Life

When children are born everybody laughs and they cry. All the family members, relatives, friends, neighbors come to see them. Everyone starts teaching them their own wisdom. Say mama papa, uncle aunty, chacha chachi etc. and goes on. Gradually and slowly they learn lot of things from the family, friends, society, school, college, colleagues etc. As they grow older then they decide and realize what is right and wrong for them.

To achieve their ambition in life they do the hard work, put all energy to improve self awareness, self knowledge, build their own identity, develop their strengths and talents, improve wealth, improve self potential, enhance their life style, fulfill self aspirations, as they think of their ambitions only and are disconnected with the world. Now compare this human with the nature. If plants, trees and animals start thinking only for them and stop giving us the fruits, oxygen, vegetables, milk etc. then this human life would almost come to an end.

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Now give a pause and think about your contribution and others contribution in your life whatever you are today. Think of the contribution of that warden who picked up your first shit when you were born, nurse who changed your dippers several times in a day, doctor who brought you in this world safely, teacher who held your hand and made you write ABCD, bus driver who drove you to school every day, your friends, parents, grandparents, spouse, brothers, sisters, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, social people, employees, employer, astrologer and many others who helped you to achieve what you are today.

If we measure your contribution would be just 20% and others would be more than 80% in your life. How much we care for them, do we have time, is it enough, ask yourself? This beautiful earth, blue skies, eternal mountains, lush forests, quiet streams, starry nights and wondrous animals are all yours. This is your world. Do you feel it? It is your world to create as you see fit. All the people are your people. When you awaken to this truth, you will feel compassion like never before. After all, if you see the whole world as yours, you will start to care deeply for every part of it. So why don’t many of us realize and live this fact?

There are, I feel, two primary reasons for why we are unable to fully awaken to the fact that the entire universe and all within it belongs to us, are an inseparable part of us. These two causes follow each other like night follows day. First, you have been conditioned to believe that you are a separate being. Separate from everything. This separation is enforced by every part of society and the embraced life. All of what society values further strengthens this sense of separate existence and the end result is you no longer feel your connection to the world you live in. You feel totally disconnected.

Having now created in you a tightly packed sense of separate existence, society next forces in you a sense of lacking or incompleteness. So now, you are forever lost in the hunt of filling this hole. The end product is a tiny little separate person, all alone in a big world, trying like mad to build their petty little empire. Result no sign of sympathy, empathy, kindness and care anywhere in sight. You are so lost in trying to get somewhere and so consumed by your ambition, that you no longer feel connected to the world, let alone feel the great responsibility of taking care of this great big world of yours.

Concern flows when there is a shift in emphasis, away from you and towards the society. So how do we undo this conditioning? Where do we go from here? The place to start is to question the sense of incompleteness that has been forced on you. Question the ambition you are burning with. Will that new BMW convertible be enough? Will the 5 bedroom house, with the walkout basement and sun room be enough? Will a million dollar portfolio be enough? It won’t. It never is. No matter what you acquire you will get used to it and soon demand more. Otherwise, you will find many who have achieved much be finished with ambition, but it simply is not so.

The hole cannot be filled by acquisitions. The hole, the sense of being less, must simply be rejected. You must simply draw the line and say, I have enough, I am enough, I know enough, I am good enough, I am spiritual enough, I am fine, everything is fine, I don’t need anything more, let me see what I can do for my world and I would shout from the mountain top as I want my world to know that lord of love has come to me I want to pass it on and pass it like when you leave this world smiling, people cry for you. By: RAGHAV KAPILA Ludhiana