Egocentric Thinking

How does conducting research move you away from the problem of egocentric thinking that was discussed on page 21 in the Paul and Elder critical thinking booklet? As humans we are sometimes stuck in our own beliefs. We believe what we are told and what we’ve always known. “We do not naturally appreciate the point of view of others nor the limitations in our own point of view” (Simmons, 2011). By conducting research, we are able to encounter other views that are more factual with actual research behind it. We only have so much to offer based on our experiences.

If we research other’s work from around the world, we are now open to so many more possibilities. A critical thinker is one that would research often to find multiple perspectives and then take that information to form an educated response. A non-critical thinker would be the one to stick to their own beliefs based on what they know from personal experience. * How might conducting your inquiry research project contribute to your professional knowledge base, rather than relying on your intuitive knowledge base to make decisions?

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By conducting my own inquiry research project, I will be able to see many perspectives and ideas related to my topic by professionals from all over. Because I am a new teacher, I really rely on other’s work because they’ve had so much more experience than me. They’ve put in the time for all that research that I would have never known otherwise. We all live in different areas so my research results may only work for the student’s in my area. It’s important to get a variety of research so that you can compile them to get a more well-rounded result. How does the skill of making decisions based on critically reviewing and conducting research differentiate you as a professional educator? By making decisions based on reviewing and research, differentiates me because I am not just taking what I know from my own classroom and sticking with what I know. I am able to research professional articles to open my mind and allow new ideas in. A teacher that researches often and tries new ideas in their classroom, will have more of an impact and become a better-rounded professional with much more to add to this profession.