Education: Key to a Successful Life

Life is so unfair for some people and over abundant for others. Although in many countries education is not guaranteed for everyone, it doesn’t mean it is not necessary for everyone. For example, in the Dominican Republic the government only provides 2. 2% of the education. Because of this, about one in five Dominican was estimated to live in poverty and almost one in ten in extreme poverty. Certainly, education is the key to have the opportunity to have a successful life.

Therefore, everyone deserve the opportunity to have an education and it doesn’t matter is you are rich or poor. However, many countries are unfair and only rich people receive a proper education. No doubt, having an education allows people to get a higher paying job, which allows people to be more financially secure, teaches people how to handle responsibility, and gives people the necessary tools to cerebrate for themselves and back up their arguments. On the other hand, people with no education don’t have the ability to know whats right or wrong in their life.

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Its not fair for a person who is born in a poor family, live poor his entire life, just because they didn’t have the opportunity to have an education. Nevertheless, having no education does not help people realize their potential, which allows them to empower themselves to do more than they thought they could do before. Therefore, how someone with no education can know their talents or needs in life. Unquestionably, education provides a more developing understanding of the world and current events.

In consequence, countries who have people with no education, live in poverty because they don’t have the knowledge of knowing what a neat, obedient or solid government is, which leads the government to take advantage of them, and accomplish actions that are corrupted. Also, take advantage of them in many different ways, by doing doing unfair things to them. The poor people are ignorant and being uneducated can lead them to do actions like, stealing. Mainly, because they don’t know what are morals and what are the correct actions. Furthermore, not having the chance to learn doesn’t give people the chance to live a reasonable life.

Maybe, someone who is living in the street has a great talent in doing business or being an architecture, but this person didn’t have the opportunity to develop this talent. Everyone, should have the knowledge of what their opportunities, and their talents. Besides that, it allows people to learn the mistakes of those before them so that they don’t repeat the same mistake. For example, a kid who is born in a poor family is not going to recognize the mistakes their parents created to end up in poverty and are going to repeat the same mistakes. In consequence, they are going to live in poverty forever. Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation” said John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Education is a tool which everyone deserves to receive no matter what are their conditions. In many places, poor people don’t have the opportunity to receive a proper education, which do not only affect them but the world. “Persuasive Techniques. ” Video blog post. VCstudyguides. Ed. Media Texts. Insight Outcomes, n. d.

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