DHL SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is an instrument for auditing an association and its atmosphere. It is the initial step of planning and assists marketers to focus on vital matters. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths and weaknesses are internal aspects while opportunities and threats are external aspects.

A SWOT analysis is the procedure a business entity goes through in an attempt to recognize key regions for business opportunities. Focusing on Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in an organized way, the business entity can devise strategies that will take benefit of prospects by concentrating on strengths, evading threats, and balancing weaknesses.

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– DHL reveals the transfer from “physical” to “information and value-added services” in e-commerce surroundings. DHL Online Tools makes simpler the procedure to get better regulatory acquiescence and alters international trade from an intimidating confront into a competitive benefit. DHL Ship Manager presents an array of catalogues which permit client to pace shipping.

– DHL web site, offers a solitary point of contact for clients to access DHL Express, DHL Ground and DHL Freight shipment tracking, client service and billing information. (

– DHL graded in the top twenty five of Information Week magazine’s “Information Week 500” list of the most inventive users of information technology.

– DHL Express has the leading share of the worldwide air cargo market and therefore received an elevated position in the magazine’s “World’s Top 50 Cargo Airlines” list during 2005.

– DHL Express gives the most inclusive worldwide freight service in the industry, supported by a money-back assurance to more than 170 countries and territories, synchronized tracking, and highly developed customs clearance.

– DHL pertaining modern technology to assist reduce the energy essential to produce financial movement.

– DHL Express presently gives customs-cleared, door-to-door service with custodial control to as much international locations as its competitors like FedEx and UPS.

– DHL focuses on central procurement and E-procurement to rationalize acquiring; and supply-chain openings to lesser the operating cost.


– Several DHL Express’s competitors in the worldwide market, however, are government-owned, controlled or subsidized carriers, which various have greater assets, lower costs, less profit compassion and more complimentary operating conditions than DHL Express. (

– About seventy percent of all electronic commerce sites are in English, consequently various language obstructions require to be conquer.



– Corporations of all sizes depend on the deliverance of just-in-time inventory to assist them contend faster and more resourcefully.

– The world’s economic market becomes more completely incorporated, and as barriers and borders to operate persist to decline, corporations are sourcing and selling internationally. The boost in global sourcing and selling has led corporations to rationalize their supply chain and open new market.

– Sophisticated technology enhances client access to significant business information. Ecommerce has presented the superior opportunity for express industry.


– Unexpected alterations in petroleum prices or currency exchange rates.

– Unfavourable climate conditions or natural disasters.

– Interruptions to their technology infrastructure, together with their computer systems and web site.

– Documents could be delivered to everywhere in the world via electronic networks in place of via express corporation or by post.

– Some business procedures are complicated to be implemented through ecommerce. Like Return-on-investment is complex to pertain to ecommerce.

– Industries face cultural and lawful obstructions to perform ecommerce. Lawful, tax, and confidentiality are apprehensions of global ecommerce.