Developmental Pediatrics: Questions and Answers

What is the diagnosis of the Developmental Doctor? -Dr. Ferriza Maria Amparo- Isaguirre, M. D. , FPPS, Developmental Pediatrics of Brokenshire Memorial Hospital was the one who diagnosed Muhammad Rashid, a 5 years and 3 months old boy. The diagnosis was, he has Global Developmental Delay (GDD). In 5 years and 3 months old, his gross motor skills is at par, his fine motor is still 3- 3 1/2 yrs. ld, his expressive and receptive language is still 2 years old, his adaptive skill is still 3 years old and lastly his cognitive is still 2 yrs and 10 months old. So with this evaluation we can really see that Rashis has GDD because he has delayed not only in a certain area of his development but in all areas of his development. 2. What can you say about the summary of the developmental profile of the child? What are the tests used in determining the developmental profile of the child? The summary of the developmental profile of the child, only shows that the child has GDD because the areas of his development is far behind from his current age which suppose to be must match to the age of the child and his developmental growth. The test conducted by the developmental doctor to diagnosed the child was I think the tools for diagnosing GDD which are sreening and developmental evaluation because in screening, it tells whether the child are learning basic skills or not, or if they might have problems.

In developmental evaluation on the other hand, it tells the doctor if the child needs to be administered by a highly trained professionals like therapist. 3. What are the clinical impressions and recommendations of the developmental doctor? -With the findings in the evaluation of the child, the clinical impression of the developmantal doctor was Global Developmental Delay and Cognitive Impairment. I think the cognitive impairment was seen due to the presence of the global developmental delayed of the child.

The developmental doctor recommended a special education program for the child to stimulate language and cognitive skills and to further improve behaviors. Another thing, the developmental doctor, recommended an occupational therapy program at least twice a week to address sitting and waiting as well as to stimulate language. 4. For you how can you help the child? – Being able to learn is a very good thing to know about GDD because though they have delays in all areas of their development, through early intervention, they can live as normal as other children.

For me, I think I can render my help to the child through giving him early intervention since he is still 5 years old, that would be easy I think because in that age, they are still moldable. Also, like what the developmental doctor said, i can also advice to the parents to ask help from therapists like, for adaptive skills occupational therapist, speech pathologist for language development, physical therapist for fine and gross motor development and so on. dd

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