Description of Mechanism Laptop

A laptop computer is a personal computer that is portable or easy to carry around, and is similar to a desktop computer because it incorporates all of the same elements. Laptops are designed for internet use, producing documents, graphic design, storing files, and communicating with others. The laptop originated in the military, but was not widely used like the desktop computer, because it was too small for personal use. Also, it did not have ideal storage capacity. However, technological advancements have greatly improved a laptops storage capabilities.

Making it a widely used instrument in the business industry and for scholars as well. Also, laptops are highly priced in comparison to desktop computers. Even so, there are some laptops that are priced much lower than desktop computers, but they are not equipped to store information like regular laptops. The laptop operates with the use of battery power, or can be plugged into an electrical outlet. It performs typed commands, and is used to communicate with others or to produce documents and designs.

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Furthermore, laptops have internal software storage capabilities, and some laptops are enclosed for high performance gaming The laptop has several main parts, the monitor, keyboard, mouse, computer memory, hard disk, motherboard, and the central processing unit. Description of Parts and their Functions keyboard. The key board is a device that is used to input information, and it can be compared to a typewriter, because it has letter keys and symbols. Also, these keys transmit electrical signals, which register inside the keyboard’s circuitry. Mouse.

The Mouse is a plastic device that is used to point objects and to detect two dimensional motion. The mouse translates the motion of a person’s hand into the computer by using mechanical sensors. Monitor. The monitor is an output device that resembles a television screen. It transmits commands, and it displays commands in the form of text, images, or graphics. Memory. Memory is stored inside silicone chips built into the computer, and it is used to store large amounts of information, and to store temporary files or permanent files. Hard Disk. Hard disk is the part of the computer’s disk drive, which stores digitally encoded data.

Motherboard. Mother board is a socket on the side of the computer, which is used to install or connect additional components. Central processing Unit. Central processing unit is an electronic circuit that executes commands implied by computer program instructions. Operating Description and Conclusion A person operating a laptop can accomplish many different tasks, because its main function is to respond to commands that allow it to produce documents, retrieve information or communicate with others. Commands are typed into the keyboard, and are executed by the computer processor, these signals are then transmitted on the computer monitor.

In addition, a person can operate a mouse, and command the laptop to do certain tasks. For example, an individual can open and close files, or may also choose to design documents with the use of a mouse. The Laptop is very efficient because it can produce large projects. This makes it a very valuable tool for entrepreneurs, and the demand for portable computers has also grown in the past few years, because current laptops have greater storage capacity, and modern laptops can perform many of the same tasks as regular desktop computers.