Dangers of Speeding

When riding through any type of speed zone you should be extremely precarious. Especially in a school zone, due to the children going and leaving school as well as all cars that could possible be lined up waiting to pick up and drop off. The Lake Oconee Academy speed zone is approximately 35 miles per hour. Going over this speed zone could harm your self and the people around you as well. Violating any school speed zone could endanger the lives of children crossing the street, buses traveling back and forth, and any staff member helping the children or parents going to school or on about their day.

School zones are specifically designed to help protect children and families and to try to prevent any type of accident. Also, going over the speed limit makes you more likely to cause or be a victim in an accident. It may seem that going only a couple miles over the speed limit wont have any cause or effect, but it has a lot more effect than anyone thinks. Many people have the thought that no damage can really be done unless your going a certain speed over the posted limit. But following the proper speed limit could keep you from injuring yourself or others.

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It also prevents you from loosing control, swerving, distractions, and allowing you to have ample amount of time to react to any unexpected changes within the area. The faster you are traveling in a car the harder the impact and usually the more damage caused. Not only could this effect you, your car, and the other persons belongs, but it could also affect your record. For every violation of the law you receive points, and after six points while having a class D license you risk the chance of getting your license taking until your eighteen years old or taken proper reckless driving classes.

Believe it or not speeding is the third leading contributing factor in car accidents. On average, more than 33% of car accidents are caused from not following the proper speed limit. The consequences from getting in a wreck can be extremely serious. You have a high possibility of facing very expensive fines, having to take traffic school, having your insurance premiums raise a significant amount, and possibly even getting your license suspended for a very lengthly time period.