Conceptual Literature

Since this inquiry is primarily concerned with the required trainings for seafarers’, given by the maritime companies, several variables come into ply when designing the research paradigm. The schematic diagram showing the relationships of variables of variables is illustrated in Figure 1. The independent variable in this study is the trainings that being taken of the seafarers’ that being required by the maritime companies.

Consequently, the dependent variable is the trainings required trainings by the maritime companies among seafarers’ which seafarers’ should equip with. The study can lead to the benefits of seafarers’ to prepare them to the trainings that they are being require with and this also can help in improving the trainings that being required to the seafarers’ to enhance their knowledge and skills that they hardly needed now in maritime companies. To link the independent variable to dependent variable, process variables were utilized.

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It involve the identifying and assessments of the trainings that being required of maritime companies to the seafarers’ such as; special training and certification, life boat skills, firefighting, bridge and deck skills; traffic patterns, lights and day shapes, horn signals for internationals waters, engine room; operations, signal emergency procedure, international standardized radio operations and terminology, emergency occupational safety, medical care and survival functions watchkeeping, when taken as a whole, and on the bases of trainings that being required to the seafarers’ by maritime companies.

Then, the significant differences in maritime companies on required trainings to seafarers’ are measured, using the questionnaire that being prepared by the researchers’. Given the research problem and it’s corresponding question, objectives and hypothesis the corresponding research methodology is hereby presented and explained.