Cell Phones: Boon or Bane

In the today’s modern life, cell phones undoubtedly regarded as one of the most common means of communication that have given a great impact to the mankind ‘s life in first hand. Young generation nowadays have used cell phones like an indispensible commodity that goes along with them in any pace of life , even at schools or in classrooms. Although cell phones bring everyone many benefits and conveniences, a student using cell phones in secondary and high school is unacceptable for some following reasons.

The initial important reason of not allowing students using cell phones at school is to avoid the cheating situation in exam. If cell phone use is allowed during class, it will be difficult for teachers to control and catch students who are texting each other or copying the answers of others during the tests and final exams through cell phones accessed to Internet. Furthermore, cell phone use in class can make students be lazy in brainstorming and making use of creativity in the case they deal with difficult problems.

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As a result, cell phone use in class should be banned and early prevented at school effectively. The second noticeable reason is that cell phone use can make students fall in the state of distraction in studying. Obviously, cell phone use during class impact detrimentally on student’s process of attention and level of contribution, many teenagers suffer from permanent partial attention disorder, which is a habit of paying only partial attention to their schoolwork, while devoting half of their attention, typically, to social networking sites or instant massaging.

The final vital reason is cell phones easily to be student‘s weapon to kill themselves at school. School environment is a safe and healthy place, however, students are in the changing period of both mentality and physicality, sometimes due to small problems they easily take action without thinking carefully, such as fighting, gathering into small gangs, bullying each other. Students often use cell phones to call the assistance of outside when they are getting into fights, then lead to the serious effects later. School administrators are difficult to control the order of school if this problem happens.

Therefore, not allowing using cell phones at school are going to avoid the order of school in danger. In conclusion, everything always has two sides of it, not excepting cell phones a sort of useful tool, importantly, we should know take use of its advantages effectively. Cell phone use bring us so many benefits but lead to a large number of problems, therefore, from the above —mentioned reasons ,personally I consider that cell phone use in secondary and high school should be banned to prevent unpredictable effects later.