Case Analysis: Recruiter Carl Robins Case

In the case of Carl Robins is not doing his job correctly or the applicants are screwing him over by not completing the applications or not giving the right documentation. It’s possible that his operations supervisor Monica is testing his fate to perform by multi-tasking to see if he can get it done in a timely manner.

Carl’s poor planning and lack of initiative was the cause of his failure. Even though he failed to take initiative his should have looked at the applicant’s work and to make sure he double check everything for the 15 new applicants needed to start the recruitment training for the job.

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He should of planned and organize an schedule the activities that must take place prior to a trainees’ employment, for example while I was on the job we put up a tent to get it ready for the Field Training exercise so 19 sleeping beds were supposed to be inside the tent when one of the soldiers told me there was 19 sleeping beds so I go and tell my superiors that 19 sleeping beds were in the tent little that I knew 17 sleeping beds but it was my fault that I did not double check so my superiors chewed me out.

Carl was responsible for completing multiple of tasks prior to the new trainees starting work in July and was reminded of multiple tasks but could not perform as he should have but failed to do. Everybody cannot multi-task at the time Carl Robins is brand new but could have been under pressure or stress, personnel issues away from the job can cause a reason to fail. The orientation, drug tests, and physicals were to be scheduled and completed, and the manuals, training schedules, and policy booklets but no task was ccomplished to get the job done. On the last day of May, when Carl planned to finalize the paperwork for the orientation, he discovered that some of the new trainees did not have applications completed or their transcripts on file, and none of them had been sent to the clinic for the mandatory drug screening. Carl Robins failed to do his job he also failed his supervisor Monica Carroll and the operations went upset down due to his failure. Carl Robins failed to double-check his paperwork knowing he should have the correct amount copies.

He should have checked the training room schedule to see if there were going to be any events that are taking place. So Carl Robins checked the scheduling log and realized that the training room is reserved for the entire month of June for computer training seminars. Carl should have checked with Joe from the other department to notify Joe about the training event that was going to take place but Carl Robins could not organize himself to straight out the situations which caused a set-back.