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Posting Due by Day 3. Survey Methods. Discuss the following questions then respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings. a. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of self-administered interviewing, face-to-face interviewing, and telephone interviewing. * “Self-administered surveys of all types typically cost less than surveys via personal interviews. ” (BUS 642 264) * “Telephone and mail costs are in the same general range, although in specific cases either may be lower. (BUS 642 264) * “A mail or computer-delivered study can cost less because it is often a one-person job. “(BUS 642 264) * “One asset to using mail self-administered surveys is that researchers can contact participants who might otherwise be inaccessible. ” (BUS 642 264) All forms of survey have a disadvantage that can be filled by another form of contact by survey. Telephone and internet are to major forms of survey that have a low cost and time distribution. b. What is necessary for the success of each of these three methods? “To maximize the overall probability of response, attention must be given to each point of the survey process where the response may break down. “(BUS 642 267) It is extremely important for the survey ‘in any form’ to reach the customer base.

It is also important for the customer to be able to understand the questions, as well as the questionnaire to be in the persons interest. c. How do these survey methods compare? * “Telephone interviewing remains popular because of the diffusion of telephone service in households and the low cost of this method compared with personal interviewing. (BUS 642 278) * ” Computer-delivered self- administered questionnaires use organizational intranets, the Internet, or online services to reach their participants. ” (BUS 642 278) As stated the two most important and low cost survey methods are telephone and computer surveys. With the internet reaching households in places not reachable in the past such as other countries in a matter of minutes; the internet has vastly opened the efficiency of surveys. The telephone is a standard that can depended upon due to a standard working base that has been used for decades.

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Also the telephone has a low cost base, unfortunately the telephones time aspects can vary. The other forms such as mail are a standard that is still used with high efficiency, but a step slower , or a higher cost than telephone or internet. 2. 1st Posting Due by Day 3. Observational Studies. In Chapter 8 – Read and discuss Bringing Research to Life. Develop investigative questions that could have been used to guide Jason and Sara’s mechanical observation study.

Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings. A list of questions is displayed below relating to Jason and Sara’s mechanical observation study. * Were are team members standing when greeting the customers * Do team members actually walk customers to the item on the shelf * Are items and prices easily visible for customers to read the labels * Are all team members knowledgeable of all store items and placement of items * Are the isle signs easily visible by all customers *