Bus 485

The company Health Care Service Corporation owns various types of companies. The main ones are insurance companies. They are Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. They also own another company that is for dental and that is Dental Network of America. Dental network of America has the largest dental network by access points.

They are going to expand what they did for dental on to the medical side as well. McKinsey 7-S Strategy Since the dental division is currently doing this process it would be beneficial to have them train the medical division as well. This would help to allocate some costs of training. Structure Data from our external vendors will be retrieved by our internal Information Technology department via FTP. Once the data is received the informatics departments will place the data on our internal network drives so our provider data specialist and analysts can work the data and load the data.

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The data will be loaded automatically via a process that is already in place. Systems The provider system will be sued in order to house the data. Access or a sequel database will be used to clean the data Skills The people who work in this position must have analytical skills. The must have some basic understanding visual basic code. They also most possess some Microsoft Office skills. Staff Depending on how many networks are being taken on and how many access points that each one processes will be the underlying factor of how many full time mployees will be needed in order to staff this project. Style The manager of Informatics and the manager of Provider Support will be the two that needed the most in order for this project to work properly and achieve its goals. Shared Values HCSC is a company who believes that everyone should have access to affordable healthcare options. By stacking these networks they will have a wider variety of people that they can receive cervices from. Which in turn will make it easier to sell. While selling more business allows for lower costs. .