Bless Me, Ultima Poem

Silence of the night is bitterly killed by Ultima’s owl Watching for death, clashes, and punishment to happen before its eyes. Keeping Antonio company in place of Ultima, Warns of trouble to come. Owl, owl, owl Just an owl you are not. A second body, soul you have in another place Past mountains, across oceans it is not. Merely across the street gathering herbs for witchcraft For you have been blamed for using against man. Pigeon of the night Just a kind soul you were not.

The injuries of many, the sins of death Which you have committed. Yet karma remains a friend of yours. Shriek! The dark was a friend When you had an enemy. rustling and whirling above, heads ducked, arms up. Friends, protect yourself As the owl will attack. however the owl only sought one man. bruja! bruja! fools. Tenorio, injured. by its sharp talons, his eye was gouged out of his face. Spirit of the moon, Spirit of the night. spirit of the llano. Soul, soul, soul you were the soul! he soul of ultima. the protective spirit. the death of you means the death of the bruja! Death, death! but how? tenorio is already on the move, but where to? the shadows of the house of ultima. bam! bam! dead. bullets were the answer! the gun managed to kill the owl. the gun now pointed at tony, two hundred pounds of fear, worrying on him. bam! a bullet in tenorio. dead. dead owl was buryed on Ultima’s command. a blessing was given. tony asks for a blessing, bless me, ultima.

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