Bidden or not bidden, God is present

“Bidden or not bidden, God is present”. These words were written in Latin in the office of Carl Jung who was a philosopher and a psychoanalyst.  Work is considered as another kind of worship and it cannot be looked upon as a responsibility or duty instead execute the job with sincerity and honesty.  Christian spirituality exercises worshipping of work at work places as quoted in Holy Bible New Testament, the parable of talents (St.Matt 20:1-14 KJV)  and also the parable of Zacchaeus, the tax collector (st.Luke 19:1-9 KJV) who disposes off the funds collected from the poor by way of excess in tax collection. Here the exercise of spiritual principle in profession / job is made evident. The parable of ten virgins (st.Matthew 25:1-11 KJV) also reveals that five lazy or slumber could not attend wedding while the other five virgins were alert and active to fill the lamps with oil to receive bridegroom for wedding at the midnight hour.  Prayer groups, workshops of theology must produce positive and progressive results at workplace. In other words, spirituality must inculcate moral grounds for employees to perform more efficiently in every aspect of organizational behavior. This is the true essence of exercise of Christian spirituality in work place.

“Therefore, I am going to assume that spirituality can be practiced in our work. I’m going to assume that there is a spirituality of work that can be every bit as rich, satisfying, challenging and compelling as the most traditional monastic or mystical spirituality”(Gregory F.A.Pierce, 2001). As writer Eugene Kennedy  explained about genuine spirituality “makes demands on us, challenges us to overcome selfishness, to love from the depth of ourselves so that we may establish community with others despite our sinful human condition”.

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