Benefits of Speaking Foreign Languages

There are many people in the United States, who can speak more than only English language. I know from my own experience that studying a foreign language is a very lasting and rather exhausting process, which requires titanic efforts, persistence and willpower. My native language is Korean, but I can also speak English and Japanese. I was studying these foreign languages in school and college, but now still I continue learning new words and expressions, improving my communication opportunities this way.

The advantages of speaking English are obvious and undisputable. English is a language of international communication, which is known now all around the world. No matter where you travel to, any continent or country: Germany, China, Ghana or Argentina, you’ll be understood if you can speak English. Nowadays, speaking good English is an essential personal asset for professional and career development, as well as for winning a better reputation, a higher social position and achieving a great success in life.

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It was a real challenge for me to study Japanese, which proved to be quite interesting and easy language. Japanese is rather popular in Asian region, and speaking it gave me good chance to socialize, communicate and meet new people. In addition, Japanese language is strictly linked to exclusive and unique Japanese culture. Therefore, when learning this language, I had a great opportunity to get better familiar with the history, life-style, social principles, religious beliefs, traditions and customs of Japanese society.

I think that learning foreign languages was a very good idea of mine, which advantaged, first of all, my personal development. It helped me to become well-organized and focused during my studying in college. Also, it helped me to enrich my personality with such traits as flexibility in thinking, creativity, tolerance, understanding and respect to other cultures and nationalities. Finally, it can also result in definite job benefits and wider career opportunities in the future.