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A proposal to set up a delivery service 1. 1Providing a faster delivery service, we provide a faster delivery service to your door within 10-15 minutes only. We also offer you a cheaper delivery charges compared to other delivery services such as Pizza Hut and McDonald. 2. 0 Problems Statement 2. 1 People do not have time to have a meal. Since people nowadays getting busier with their job and daily routine, they have no time to go out for lunch or dinner. So we planned to make delivery service to help them. 2. 2 Pack of people during peak times.

We got so many customers during peak times (Lunch, Dinner, and Weekend) at our shop. So, we give the customers another option to enjoy their meal at home and at office as well. 2. 3 People cannot get out due to some conditions. They are just too tired from a hard day’s work, and there are those that cannot get out due to a lack of their own transportation. Of course, there are also a large number of handicapped people and senior citizens who cannot get out to eat out due to poor health. 3. 0 0bjectives of the Project 3. 1 To maximize the sales and profit of the company.

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This kind of service is not only to facilitate the customers to enjoy their meal in our cafe, it is also can help to boost the sales and profitability of our business with the delivery fee applied to the customers and customers order. 3. 2 To facilitate the customers Allow people to eat tasty, ready-made foods with the use of only a phone call and without having to go out to have a meal. With this delivery service, customers can have a meal anytime they wish. 3. 3 Another way to promote our business We delivered the meals to the customers with brochures explaining our ervices and details about the meals, delivery hours and fees. It is one of our marketing strategies to attract the customers. 4. 0 Significance of the Project 4. 1 To help customers with an easy way to have a meal. Modern people prefer to have their food anytime they feel hungry and that is why food delivery is a famous choice. The customers do not have to go out to have a meal; they just need to call us and wait for a few minutes. Their meals will deliver to their home or office and ready to be enjoyed. 4. 2Time effective. It is very time effective for those who are very busy with work and other things.

Then, also have some people that often do not have time to cook a decent meal either for lunch or dinner for themselves or the family. 4. 3To give satisfaction to the customers. The customers can enjoy their meal everywhere either office or home. Customers also do not have to go to the market or kitchen to prepare their meal. They can still be on the go and eat something sensible. 8. 0 Limitations 8. 1 Risk of not being paid by a customer This is the risk that might happen in delivery services. Customers are not home or change their mind about an order.

Some situations like the customer give us a fake call and the wrong address may also happen to us. This causes loss to the company. 8. 2 Have a big competition with another delivery services We have a big competition with another delivery services such as Pizza Hut and McDonalds. Many food services use delivery time guarantees to compete for customers in the marketplace. 8. 3 Vehicle breakdowns Vehicle breakdowns can be catastrophic for delivery businesses such as the restaurant delivery business. This problem can stop us from keep working and it leads to customer dissatisfaction thus it gives us a bad reputation.