Assignment Bel 1 313

Santa is real in a way Reason: Santa Claus is based off Saint Nicholas who was a Bishop is what is now modern in Turkey. 2) Santa is giving presents to the children Reason: Parents act as the Santa, who bought the gifts for their children. 3) Many people know the lagend of Santa Claus

Reason: Chilldhood is the only time in life when we can believe in something as outiageous as Santa. Reason: Jolly man dressed in red and white is constantly around us during the Christmas season. 4)Santa not bringing gifts to naughty kids Reason: Santa myth lends itself to being used as a threat for naughty kids to behave. 5) Prevent children from enjoying those Santa fantacies is unfair ARGUMENT MAPS (OBJECTION) 1) Lying to our children about Santa or another mythical figure is wird or necessary Objection: All children are different when it comes to fantasy. ) Lying to the children that Santa Claus is real is justified Objection: The children’s life would be at risk if they know Santa Claus is not real from begining. 3) The Reindeer really know how to fly Objection: Without wings or a rocket-like digestive system, it’s hard to see how a reindeer could fly. 4) Santa can get down the chimney Objection: Santa is a really fat old man, how does he squeeze through, and why does not he get seriously dirty. 5) Santa not bringing gifts to naughty kids Objection: Those kids whose live in poor cannot be assume as naughty. REFERENCES

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