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What is your research about/ assignment about? | This research is based on the keywords such as playing the game, sports to improve academic performance for youths| What is the information resource about? | This article is from a journal, therefore the title for this article is PLAYING THE GAME: SPORTS AS A FORCE FOR PROMOTING IMPROVED ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE FOR URBAN YOUTH. The method for this research is through interviews and observations as to how it involves students in sports in relation to their interest, challenges and performance.

The subtitle for this article is SPORTS AS A FORCE PROMOTING A SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL PERFORMANCE. | Does the information resourceprovide enough details toanswer yourresearch/assignmentQuestion? | Yes the topic and the subtopic is related to the acitivity whereby it is HOW SPORTS CAN HELP STUDENTS PERFORM BETTER ACADEMICALLY. The information given is extremely sufficient for this journal after the research based on the topic and the keyword being used. | What perspectives/points of-view are presented? Read the author’s arguments and conclusions. o Websites sponsored by a company or organization mayadvocate a certain philosophy. Articles published in a newspaper or magazine may havea particular editorial perspective/point-of-view. Read to determine if language is free of emotion| The perspective that is presented in the reading is that how important sports is in enhance the academic performance in the urban students. * Tucker Publications, Inc. General Information, Journal Article, Case ReportsYes it is free from emotions and unbaiseness. | What evidence is used toSupport the arguments? | Because it mostly talks about students in general in relation to sports and academic performance. | 3.

Is the information supportedby references? | Yes incite referencing are there which proof that he author has consulted other work in compiling the article e. g All of the students in this study were concerned about their reputations among their peers. Consistent with research on urban schooling (Fordham, 1988; Ogbu, 1993; Orni ;amp; Winant, 1994),| 4. Is the informationgrammatically correct? | The information is grammatically correct and free of typographical errors. After reading it was also found that the information is coherently developed and well organized. | 3. AUTHORITYAsk the Questions Find the Answers| | 1. Who is the author/editor? | Title PLAYING THE GAME: SPORTS AS A FORCE FOR PROMOTING IMPROVED ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE FOR URBAN YOUTHAuthor DeMeulenaere, EricPublication title Journal of Cultural DiversityVolume 17Issue 4Pages 127-35Number of pages 9Publication year 2010Publication date Winter 2010Year 2010ISSN 10715568Source type Scholarly JournalsLanguage of publication EnglishDocument type General Information, Journal Article, Case ReportsAccession number 22303647ProQuest document ID 818559224Document URL http://search. roquest. com. cache5. usp. ac. fj:2048/docview/818559224? accountid=28103Copyright Copyright Tucker Publications, Inc. Winter 2010Last updated 2013-02-21Database ProQuest Central|

2. Are the author’scredentials, level ofexpertise and affiliationappropriate for theinformation provided? | The author has written only 2 articles, one in the newspaper and the other in a scholar journal. Thus credentials, level of expertise and affiliation for the information provided cannot be fully depended upon. | 3. Who is the publisher? Publisher Tucker Publications, Inc. Place of publication LisleCountry of publication United StatesPublication subject Medical Sciences–Nurses And Nursing, Sociology| 4. Is the publisher anacademic publisher, areputable commercialpublisher or thegovernment? | Tucker Publications, Inc. Since its founding in 1987, Tucker Publications, Inc. has been the leading publisher of health care research on minority patients and communities. Dedicated to serving nurses, health care educators and practitioners, Tucker Publications, Inc. roduces three peer-reviewed journals – two of which are published quarterly and one which is published twice a year. Other quality publications offered by TPI include textbooks, biographies and a directory of minority nursing faculty. Journals The ABNF Journal (ABNF) – official journal of the Association of Black Nursing Faculty, Inc. (published quarterly). Journal of Cultural Diversity: An Interdisciplinary Journal (JCD) (published quarterly). Journal of Theory of Construction & Testing (JTCT) (published bi-annually) BooksThe Challenge: Autobiography of Col. Margaret E.

Bailey First Black Nurse to be promoted to Colonel in the United States Army Nurse Corps by Colonel Margaret E. Bailey (Ret. ) (published quarterly) Recruitment ;amp; Retention of Minority Nursing Students: Stories of Success by Earnesteen O. Long, PhD and Sallie Tucker-Allen, PhD Theory Construction ;amp; Testing by Margaret T. Beard, PhD Directory of Minority Nursing Faculty| 3. 4 RELEVANCEAsk the Questions Find the Answers| | 1. Who is the intended audience? | In the reading it can be determine that the author is at the right audience and achieving it’s intended purpose.

Read to determine if the information directed at thisaudience provides answers for your research/assignment question? Does the book, book chapter, journalarticle or website provideperspectives that are suitable for yourresearch/ assignment question? Read to determine if the author’s arguments,supporting evidence and conclusions support yourpoints-of-view. | 3. 5 TIMELINESSAsk the Questions Find the Answers1. When was the book, journalarticle, magazine article,newspaper article or websitefirst published and/or editedor revised? Most common places to find publication or copyright dateare:o Books and journals – title page, or reverse of the titlepage. o Journals, magazines and newspapers – cover, or table ofcontent. o Web pages – usually indicated at the bottom of page. Books – further editions indicate the book has been revisedto reflect changes in knowledge and is in harmony with theinformation needs of its audience. Repeated editions mayalso indicate that the information resource has become astandard source in a particular discipline and is deemedreliable. | | | | | | | | | | |

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