A Summary of Article ‘States’ by Edward Said

The  theme of the article is the experience of people in exile as could be deciphered from arresting photographs found inside the book, It speaks of a people held in a state of  lack of permanence where  the author describe the pain and dislocation from the arresting photographs.  The author did agree that photos show the Palestinians within a land, but they are in way, secluded, which could be deduced from Said reflection that the exile experience is a series of portraits but without names and without contexts. The author dramatizes the absence Palestinian context and lack of knowledge of their existence by the fact the past year or number decades have seen only transition. They were indeed denied of their entities. On   who is good in art appreciation may see the good interaction of text and photos that would testify to the influential statement and reflection of author’s said skill in poetry.

The author in a unique way pointed out the struggle and an anguish of how a nation in exile lived which in effect shows how, at present, a typical Palestinian lives.  The article talks about a few early memories of   the author’s parents’ way of living  in Palestine and of the coming of  Palestinian refugees in Cairo, where Said was living with his family in the late 1940s but basically the focus was on the injustice committed against a people whose only allotted place in the world of nations has been sadistically taken away by another and how painful really for said people to live in exile.

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In response to the article, I feel pity for the people of Palestine on how they given justice in the world.  The sympathy that the situation attracts from other nations could not just be discounted. It was even said sympathies for them is one of the causes of terrorism. It speaks of how powerful nations could just decide the fate of a group of people like.  I believe that they should be given a place to own for them to be called a state.  In political law, a state must have the following elements: people, government, sovereignty and territory to be considered as such. Until they are given by the United Nation or any responsible authority on earth to have a territory, they will always be considered a wandering people without a state. Until such time happens, I believe world peace would always difficult to attain.  They are also human beings and it a basic human right to have homeland to go into. Without a homeland, they are like birds without nest and they do not deserve such injustice.