A Short Story

How fully does Updike draw the character of Sammy? What traits(admirable or otherwise) does Sammy show? Is he any less a hero for wanting the girls to notice his heroism? To what extent is he more thoroughly and fully portrayed than the doctor in `Godfather Death`?

Updike describes the character of Sammy as an ordinary person who lives a normal life, and exists in a common place where one can be himself to do what he needs to do, and act on what he believes in. Sammy’s personality shows sensitivity for others. The way he acted when the girls on the counter felt disgraced on the things his manager has told them, made him engage himself in the situation resulting to his own strife. Not much of a hero for the girls is how I see on what Sammy did, likely a hero for himself. It appears it is more of his principles and opinion that made him acted that way. Quitting his job that he needs because of his manager’s tactlessness, show how the situation with the girls has changed his point of view on things. In comparison to the doctor in Godfather Death, Sammy stick up for the girls in the time where he think it is needed, but made a disaster for his own. Misfortune for himself is what he gained for the great courage he showed to his manager in protecting the girls whom he believed needed his aid.

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