A Cinderella Story

Life wasn’t fair; it just wasn’t fair at all. Cindy’s parents had divorced two years ago and now her mother had fallen ill and was going into the hospital for some tests. Cindy was moving in with her father for a few months until the doctors could find out what was wrong with her mother. Cindy loved her father very much, but his new wife was just unbearable. And her two stepsisters were even worse. Cindy came often to visit her father. When her father left for work, her stepmother would make Cindy do all the housework while she and her daughters went out and shopped for new clothes.

But that wasn’t even the worst part of it. Cindy was a senior and would be living with her dad when her class had its senior prom and she was sure her stepmother would never let her go. As Cindy unpacked her clothes, her father came up to welcome her. She brought up the subject of the prom and her father said he would have to discuss it with her stepmother. Cindy hoped her stepmother would be in a good mood. When Cindy went downstairs for dinner, her stepmother told her that they just didn’t have the money to buy a fancy dress for the prom so it would be impossible for her to go.

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Cindy was devastated and ran up to her room and cried herself to sleep. Cindy was tempted to call her mother, but decided she could not worry her mother with her problems. The next morning, Cindy woke up and went downstairs for breakfast. The house was empty, but Cindy found a long list of chores her stepmother had left for her to do while she was out shopping. Cindy started with dusting the furniture and then she vacuumed all the floors. She washed several loads of clothes and went outside to hang them on the clothesline.

As she was hanging out the clothes, Cindy was overcome with grief about her situation and she burst into tears. She sobbed and sobbed. Cindy didn’t know it, but the rich lady, Mrs. Ferry, who lived next door, was in her back yard walking her dog. She heard Cindy crying and came to investigate. Mrs. Ferry found Cindy and asked her what was wrong. All of Cindy’s troubles came tumbling out before she could help it. She told Mrs. Ferry about her stepmother not letting her go to her senior prom. Mrs. Ferry was very touched by Cindy and tried to cheer her up as best she could. After Mrs.

Ferry returned home, she continued to think about Cindy over the next few days. She finally decided she could do something to help her. She went out and bought Cindy a beautiful prom dress with matching shoes. The day of the prom, she once again found Cindy in the back yard hanging out laundry while her stepmother and stepsisters were out shopping. She presented Cindy with the dress and shoes and told her to be ready at 6:00 p. m. sharp. As Cindy was putting on her lip-gloss, the doorbell rang. She ran to answer it. Mrs. Ferry’s chauffeur was there to pick her up in the shiny, black limo.

Cindy couldn’t believe her eyes. The chauffeur helped her into the car and drove her to the prom. He reminded her that he would be there at exactly midnight to drive her home and not to be late. When Cindy entered the prom, all her friends ran to greet her. They could not believe she was actually there and they all agreed she was the most beautiful girl at the prom. Her friends introduced Cindy to a guy named Mike who was visiting a friend. When their eyes met, Cindy felt a jolt in the pit of her stomach. Mike asked Cindy if she would like to dance and they danced every dance after that.

Cindy had never had so much fun or felt this way about any guy before. Mike went to get Cindy some punch. She was having so much fun she didn’t even realize it was midnight. At 12:15 a. m. , she looked at her watch and turned and ran out of the building in a panic. The chauffeur was nowhere to be found. Cindy ran all the way home in her fancy dress and shoes. She was so upset because she didn’t even get Mike’s last name or phone number. She thought she would never see him again. Mike returned to the dance floor to find that Cindy had disappeared.

He looked everywhere for her, but he couldn’t find her anywhere. Then he felt something vibrate in his pocket. It was Cindy’s cell phone. He had remembered her asking him to hold it for her while they were dancing. He decided to look at the message that Cindy’s friend had sent her. Then, Mike replied, “This is Mike, a boy she met at prom. Do you know how I can get to Cindy’s house? ” The message had been sent. Cindy’s friend never texts Mike back. Then Mike had decided to call Cindy’s friend and ask her a few things about the girl he was looking for.

Cindy’s friend answered the phone. After their conversation about Cindy, Mike decided to show up at Cindy’s window. Mike had gathered a few pebbles as he made his way up the driveway. Once Mike had found Cindy’s window he threw a pebble just hard enough to make a tapping sound on the window. Cindy appeared at the window wondering what could have made the sound. When Cindy looked out she saw Mike. She was so excited she climbed through the window, down the balcony, and ran over to Mike. He told her he had something of hers. Then Cindy said, “Oh dear, I forgot all about my cell phone. Then Mike replied, “It’s okay because I was looking for you anyway. ” Cindy admitted that she had hoped to she him again. They stood outside and talked for two hours before Mike realized he had to be home in a few minutes. As Mike began to leave, Cindy told Mike that she would like to see him again. Mike said that he would like to see her again, too. Mike asked Cindy for her cell phone number and then he had to leave. Cindy waited until Mike was unable to be seen in the distance and then climbed back up and crawled through the window into her room.

Once she was inside, she changed back into her old ragged clothes so her stepmother wouldn’t know she had been gone. Cindy woke up the next morning in a great mood. She couldn’t stop thinking of Mike. As she was doing her morning chores outside, she made sure her stepmother had left, and then went to see Mrs. Ferry. Cindy rang the doorbell and a few seconds later Mrs. Ferry appeared at the door. Cindy thanked Mrs. Ferry for the prom dress and shoes and told her she had a great time. Then Cindy had to get back to her morning chores.

Later that evening after Cindy had finished her chores, she noticed she had a message from Mike. The message asked her to meet Mike at the school. Cindy made sure that her stepmother and sisters were gone for a little bit and she took off toward the school in a flash. She saw Mike standing there and they sat down and talked for a few minutes. While they were talking, she received a call from her mother. Her mom told her she had to stay one more night in the hospital, but would be released in the morning. Cindy was very excited because she would be going to her regular home to live with her mom again.

The next week when Cindy went back to school, she noticed that they were getting a new student. The new student walked into the classroom and Cindy could not believe it. The new student was Mike, the boy she met at prom. After class was over, she met Mike by her locker. They talked until the bell rang and then Cindy walked with Mike to class. They discovered they had all of their classes together. When Cindy came home from school that day, she told her mom about the new student. Mike and Cindy dated all through college and got married and lived happily after. The End!