90's Tech Boom

During the 90’s there were many advances in technology that completely changed the world, and without them we wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are today. One of the biggest areas of advancement was in electronics. Many of the things that we own today come with “standard features” that were first implemented in the 90’s. Another area that saw rapid development was science. It was during this time period that cloning began to happen. The last category that made a huge leap forward during the 90’s was software.

Microsoft Windows operating systems had become used on almost all IBM Personal Computers, which were one of the most popular personal computers of the time popular at the time. The 90’s was a very important time period for the advancement of Electronics and communications. It was during this time period that the World Wide Web, or the internet, had began to gain popularity even though it had been around for about 20 years already. The MP3 player was also invented during the 90’s, and after its release in the spring of 98 it quickly overtook CD players in popularity.

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Athother huge advancement that helped make computers what they are today was the creation of the Pentium processor by Intel. Without this advacment the fast and small computers that we know today would be vertially impossible. The second area that made leaps and bounds during the 90’s was science. One of the most important advancments was that of DNA identification. Before this was used there was hardly ever any soild proof connecting a person to a crime.

The Hubble Space Telescope was also launched in 1990, which revolutionizes astronomy and space travel, and to this day the telescope still is in space and has been taking pictures for NASA for just over 20 years. It was also around this time that the first cloning took place. It was first tried on dolly the sheep on the 26 of February in 1997. The last area that also made a lot of important changes during the 90’s was the area of software. It was during the 90’s that operating systems such as Mac OS X and Windows 98 were first released to the public.

It is very evident know that without the development of those two operating systems that our techology would be no where near as advanced as it is today. Also with the boom of users on the internet the development of web browsers began to take off. The widley used internet explorer was first made during this time along with firefox, both of which made internet browsing more user friendly. As you can see the 90’s was on of the most important periods for techonoligcal adcancment. Almost everything we know today stemmed form somthing that was made in the 90’s.

Without the widespread use of the internet we wouldnt have things like Faceboek or YouTube. Also the scienticfic advancements of that time changed the wasy we look at the universe and everything in it. Also software took a giant step foward and became what we know it as today. Operating systems were first implemented, which we still use today. The 90’s was one of the greatest time of development that the US has ever seen and without it, our tech wouldnt be anywhere close to where it is now.