It was in 1989 that a third gradation h1-b visa holder from china came to US with a lot of dreams and aspirations to work with some top order companies as an engineer or a computer software designer. He is Mr. Fu Hong one among the many fortunate people from China holding H1-visa.

Mr. Fu Hong first landed in US in 1989 August 17. When he landed this dream land, a paradise for any job aspirant, he had with him just a suite case and 500 dollars. He and his wife didn’t even spend time to have a glimpse of the strange land; they went and joined one of the most popular schools in US for engineering and technology, ‘The Gorier Tech’. Mr. Hong Joined the school as a full time professor for teaching physics and optical technology and his wife had had joined for MA course in business. Thus they started their life in US in a humble way.  From then on the life of this couple changed drastically and the rest of the story would sound like fiction, though it is the bare fact.

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Fu Hong worked really hard to make his classes interesting for the students in the University. Even though physics and optical technology were boring subjects at university levels, Fu Hong made his way of presentation attractive and interesting and his class was almost like a program in the discovery channel. Thus in his class all the students gave attention to his class and he became a highly sought after faculty in the school.

After few years had work his wife finished her MA in business and Fu Hong got his PhD in physic and optical technology. This was a turning point in Fu Hong’s career.

Many students whom Fu Hong has taught joined reputed firms at Silicon Valley in California, which is the hottest place in early 1990’s for top notch IT technology, like chip design physics and advanced engineering.

After this magnificent job he moved to California as he was hired by an optical technology research company. There he could adorn a key position, and his chief assignment was supervising around 50 employees. His wife also switched her career and she joined Toshiba as a business marketing manger, in the mean time, both of them could perform well in their corresponding careers, after few years the SF bay had a drastic economic and business boom and Web Company quickly became one of the major business players in the US. This had also impacts in the overall global economy. Just like the yahoo CEO jerry Yang many people holding the third gradation h1-b visa, came to US to make this scenario really happen. This clearly shows, up to what extend a third Generation citizen could achieve in the present world driven by information technology and other ultra neo technologies.  Of course, presently Mr. Hong and his company have been doing really well in the global optical technology field, his company could grow really fast, he is presently supervising more than 200 people from different parts of  US and from round the globe.

His wife is also doing really well in her company and the happy couple is now having one years old son. Since the economy is doing well, the company business is also on a steady path of development. Due to this reason, they are planning to remain in US itself and the present status of the company is helping them to continue their stay in US.

In SF bay area and Silicon Valley, huge volume of business is gushing in everyday. As a result, this place has became one of the most popular job locations in the world and lot of people arrive from different parts of the world to start a career here, just like Mr. Hong did years ago.

Though Mr. Hong succeeded professionally, I wanted to know what was in his heart about his migration and subsequent life. I was asked Mr. Hong , “do you miss home, do you miss China?”.  He said he missed his home everyday, but he have to move on, He has to work for this newly adopted country, because this is the only place in the world, where you have good chance and great opportunities to explore your talents and make the maximum out of you.

Back in China it is really hard to do this in such a less volume of time. Now China is also growing up really fast the world economy is getting better each day. People are having better standard of living than before. He says “Now we are in the Silicon Valley, the capital of world high technology, every single person I have been work with here is thinking in the same way. Here people come from different parts of the globe and we work as one heart and brain for the same company but we benefit the whole world. We came here for long term prospects and we have no time to rest, we have to work more, but we always keep the same goal in our mind ,I am really proud of what I do.”

Mr. Hong is a really smart person in his academics and a man with numerous innovative technical ideas. His story explains how people from china moved to US and found success and prosperity.
The case of MR Chen is some what different and interesting.

Mr. Chen spend his early childhood and schooling in China. He came to US in 1992. He is a full Scholarship holder from the Stafford, university. Mr. Chen brought his wife and his two year old son from China to the US.  He finished his MBA course in Stafford within three years of his arrival in US and he worked on a part time basis in a school library. Normally it is  almost impossible for a forging student to get a job assignment like that but Mr. Chen got the job through Hitachi marketing department as he an h1-b holder .When I asked  him each time “How you finish school so fast ?”, he was laughing at me and said, “The job at the Library helped me a lot”

Just like Mr. Hong , Mr. Chen he slowly become an important person in his company, after few years of dedicated hard work he became a managerial level employee in Hitachi.

This year, in 2007, he become the global marketing director in Hitachi, being a senior and highly skilled team member and he have been providing training to a Japanese company presently.  As the Chinese markets are really booming up, he also has a chance to come back to China to represent his company thus bringing the immense business opportunity to his nation.

I strongly believe from these two examples that this is the amazing part of working in US. Here people from different cultures and nations are working together for a common cause. US is thus a destination which cannot be compared to any other place in the world.